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Nov 28, 2018
San Diego, CA
One of our members asked that we have a forum devoted to introducing ourselves to each other and maybe finding common interests, etc. So let's use this thread for the introductions!

I'll start. I'm a semi-old fart who started in the technology world building homebrew computers when I was 13 (and Bill Gates was selling his programs out of his van on paper tape). Along the way, I started an Internet/software company in the 1990's that went public and I now just doodle in the technology world and raise my kids.

I didn't pay much attention to the EV world until I saw the unveiling of the Model X in early 2012 (this was before Tesla has delivered their first Model S). I bought my Model S in early 2013 and have been an EV fanatic every since.

When I saw the Rivian announcement before the LA Auto Show, I felt that they were Tesla 2.0. Both Rivian vehicles have no current competition and both seem very well thought out and designed. They even followed in Tesla's footsteps by buying their own fire-sale-priced turnkey auto factory (from Mitsubishi).

So, having spent way, way too much time at Tesla Motors Club discussion forum, I thought, hey, why not a dedicated Rivian discussion forum. While TMC has almost 80,000 members, generally threads discussing other EVs are pretty dead over there. So there is definitely room for another dedicated forum. So far, I've been really pleased by the contributions we've made. While we are still small, we are currently the best Rivian discussion forum out there.

It will take a little while to attract more members, although I'm glad we get new members every day. Our domain name is so new, that google doesn't list us very high in search results yet. Anything you guys can do to popularize this forum would be more than welcome!


Dec 12, 2018
Troy, MI
Wanted to start off by saying thank you for starting up this forum Cosmacelf!

Hey guys! My name is Zach, if my username didn't hint at that already :LOL:! Anyway I have always been intrigued with cars ever since I was a kid and loved to build and fix things. My first electric "vehicle" was a project me and my friend built at the age of 13. It was an electric bike that was powered by an electric lawnmower motor and two marine cycle batteries and was capable of about 20mph (Had to build it twice, got hit by an ICE car :ROFLMAO: the first time around). My next project at 18 was an electric go-kart that I worked on myself which I somewhat finished around the age of 22 and that was capable of 47mph. I never had the proper time to work on it due to an electronic repair business that I bought into when I was 18. With full time college and a full time business that I was trying to turn around I never was able to get the go-kart to its full potential.

Any way I graduated in 2014 with a Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering and got Married a week later. I tried my best to get a job at Tesla but with avail so a month later I got a job with a Controls Engineering Supplier. The company is a blanketed supplier for GM so I got an opportunity to work on the lines that where building the Chevy Bolt. One of the build shops that was building some lines for the Bolt was also working on some lines for Tesla. Well fast forward to now and I'm currently working for an OEM Plastics supplier as a Controls Engineer. We make various parts for GM, Ford, Chrysler (Mostly Chrysler) and two parts for the Tesla Model S that i know of so far.

Between all that I manged to get 2 little rascals and other one on the way so with the reveal of the Rivian it couldn't have come at a better time. I wish it was sooner the third one is 7 months away but I will manage till then!


Dec 12, 2018
I'm a middle aged married dad from Vancouver, BC. I've always been interested in cars, and ever since seeing some of the first Toyota hybrids in action, I've been interested in the future of vehicles (mainly, electric). I've followed Tesla with interest, and could not justify the expense of a Model S or X, but reserved a 3 early on and it was delivered in June 2018. It has met and exceeded all expectations.

Rivian is very interesting to me as they seem to play in Tesla's space, which is making a vehicle people assumed was basically impossible before. I appreciate all of the companies that are making EVs, but it feels like only Tesla and now Rivian are making truly superior EVs and showing everybody what is actually possible, not just taking a gas car and swapping the engine out. I feel like all of the legacy manufacturers are doing just that.

I used to work on a lot of my old cars myself, from maintenance to repairs. I can sure appreciate the simplicity of an EV and all of the crap that can't go wrong because it no longer exists. :)


Mar 7, 2019
Old-fart retired EE who thought, up until last December, that the tech for a viable BEV was a couple of years off. Then I test drove an X100D and was hooked on the spot. When I went to engine school years ago we were the first class that did not have to take the machines course as that stuff was considered old hat. Signal processing and communications theory were in and motors were out. Boy, has the worm turned. Fuzzy control of 3 phase motors driven by an inverter was unheard of in those days. So I'm going back and trying to pick up what they didn't teach us then as applied to these new vehicles and it's fascinating. Not to mention the cool factor of slip control via a separate motor on each wheel!


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Feb 17, 2019
I am Aiden and have been a supporter of alternative energy use but not against any other use as long as we balance. I have been interested in new technology and supporter of research and development in all fields. I always wondered about what happened to EV vehicles in general (30 years ago) and asked why the big three companies in the US never been interested in EV cars even though they have the resources and the people to do the job or can hire or acquire any small companies. When Tesla started I was hoping that they make EV trucks some day and Rivian showed up in LA. I jumped on it in the first day they allowed us to pre order. I trust Rivian engineers and leaders because they believe. They are putting their heart and soul spending so much time, sacrificing family time, and above all they want to make a change. They want to make the world a better place. I am hoping that I am first in line and will be able to $$$$. I am a cougar fan (Washington State University).
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Dec 29, 2019
Hi Rivian enthusiasts-
I am a 56 yo father of three. Tesla Model S owner since Feb 2014.
I don’t consider myself a tree-hugger, but I put solar panels on the roof because I hate being forced to buy electricity from a single electric company supplier - Feel the same way about oil companies and gas for our other ICE cars.
I don’t have any formal training in electronics or anything mechanical. I’m in biotech.
One test drive in a model S sold me on EVs. I’m not a Tesla fan-boy-they’ve made plenty of mistakes, but Tesla and Musk deserve a lot of credit for pushing the envelope on EVs and building out a charging network. I have high hopes for Rivian and reserved an R1S. I hope they are successful and continue the transition to electric transportation.