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  1. Cosmacelf

    What Q's do you have about the R1T?

    Do you have a Tesla Wall Charger for your Model X? Or just a 240V 50A plug?
  2. Cosmacelf

    Amazon's 100,000 delivery van order

    Good article summarizing this news: Electric vehicle startup Rivian gets a jolt from big van order Can we start a countdown clock on how many months before Amazon buys Rivian outright?
  3. Cosmacelf

    Should I trust free Carfax alternative?

    I'd be careful of these free checking services. They are often scams.
  4. Cosmacelf

    New news thread

    Yes, but I will bet you that the Rivian truck appeals to far more people (except for the price) than the futuristic cyberpunk blade runner thing that even Elon admitted "won't be for everybody". Elon has a tendency to sacrifice utility for areo and efficiency which all comes down to cost...
  5. Cosmacelf

    New interview: $89K for 180kWh?

    Ah, that doesn’t sound too bad. It’s a lot better than we thought.
  6. Cosmacelf

    New news thread

    I always had in my mind end of next year, so that isn't a slip? Technically? Where did you hear December 2020?
  7. Cosmacelf

    New news thread

    Well, good for Rivian for sticking to their plan to offer their drivetrain to whoever wants to use it. That's more or less what Tesla did in the early days. They made drivetrains for the Toyota Rav 4 EV, and a couple of Mercedes cars. Tesla ended up graduating away from needing to do that when...
  8. Cosmacelf

    New news thread

    Apparently, it wasn’t GM investing, it was Ford.
  9. Cosmacelf

    Autopilot and LIDAR

    I agree. Pretty bold. Especially seeing how long it is taking Tesla is do what they are doing, and Tesla has developed their own AI chip too.
  10. Cosmacelf

    Street rumor that Amazon, GM to invest in Rivian

    Exclusives in business are rarely a good idea.
  11. Cosmacelf

    Street rumor that Amazon, GM to invest in Rivian

    Looks like the GM part of the investment didn’t or hasn’t materialized (yet?): GM and Rivian’s electric truck talks run out of juice
  12. Cosmacelf

    Where should Rivian build charging stations?

    On the service front, Rivian is planning on using existing auto dealerships. I actually think this plan will work. Dealers will send their top mechanics to the Rivian training courses. Rivian will have to use the traditional car manufacturer method of having Model years and not changing much...
  13. Cosmacelf

    Where should Rivian build charging stations?

    That’s the number one concern for third party chargers. Maintenance. It took Tesla a little while to realize this themselves. The early V1 chargers were prone to failure and Tesla had to scramble to help drivers because there were so few high speed chargers back then. But Tesla took the charging...
  14. Cosmacelf

    R1T Swappable Components

    It’s cool. I wonder if any if this will make it into the final product? With this and the impractical additional battery (too heavy?), it looks like Rivian is sliding towards concept car territory that makes good PR, but never sees production.
  15. Cosmacelf

    Where should Rivian build charging stations?

    Your range estimates for Big Bear are a tad optimistic :). First, rarely do you charge to 100% on the road since it takes too long to get that last 10%. Second, driving up to the ski area takes a lot more energy, and you don't reclaim all that energy coming back down the mountain. Third, it's...
  16. Cosmacelf

    Where should Rivian build charging stations?

    I agree 100%. For an adventure brand, charging at remote locations is JOB #1. For instance, I recently drove 2.5 hours from San Diego (probably 2 hours from Los Angeles) to a local ski hill, where 4 wheel drive is a must. But there is ZERO high speed (or low speed for that matter) charging...
  17. Cosmacelf

    Where should Rivian build charging stations?

    Big Bear Lake in CA really needs a fast charger.
  18. Cosmacelf

    Rivian hiring lobbyists...

    But that’s how almost all cars are serviced now. Car dealers are independent franchises. Having a RIvian SUV serviced at a factory authorized and trained dealer is no different than getting your Chevy serviced. It gets even more disconnected when you talk body shops.
  19. Cosmacelf

    Tesla's Battery Cell Technology Acquisition: Maxwell

    Good points but a large battery usually gets rid of the rationale of a super cap. Ironically they only make engineering sense in small battery hybrids since the small battery can’t put out or accept large amounts of power. It would, however make sense in a race car since large power draws and...
  20. Cosmacelf

    Is the CCS charging network good enough?

    Yeah I would be worried about that too. Something to keep an eye on closer to production date.