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  1. R1T Pictures

    Do you happen to have more pictures of the SUV? Did you also happen to see the leg room in the 3rd row seats?
  2. R1T Pictures

    Here is a video from the event!
  3. R1S Third Row Leg Room

    Yea it looks like it. Hmm ill find out in a few weeks and get back to this thread.
  4. Electrochromatic roof

    Yes it is definitely a very neat feature and I love the idea! I'm worried about how rugged it is though.
  5. R1T Pictures

    I believe it does but I would have to confirm. Once I find out I will report back.
  6. R1T Pictures

    Another point to add is that the R1T will have a full spare tire!
  7. R1S Third Row Leg Room

    The information I got on the 9th when I was talking to the interior designer was that the 3rd Row leg room is better then the Ford Expedition MAX. It is the only car I could compare too since we had it as a rental in the summer time last year and we where happy with its space. So with that I'm...
  8. Electrochromatic roof

    This is what I found out today from a friend. "The roof is actuated through the center screen display. I don't think you can play with darkness it's either fully opaque or transparent, just like a regular moon roof"
  9. R1T Pictures

    This was at Planet Rock in Madison Heights, MI. It was a few miles from where I live. The place was packed because of Alex Honnold their brand representative and since this was at a rock climbing place their was a lot of people their that were really more interested in him then the car...
  10. R1T Pictures

    Had an opportunity to see the R1T up close and talk to some of the engineers and the CEO. Here are a few pics! Enjoy!
  11. Electrochromatic roof

    Sorry I have been inactive, I got to see the R1T up close on Jan 9th and I was told about Electrochromatic Roof. It's a very neat feature!
  12. Why is Rivian impressive?

    I would say it is one thing to throw money at an idea or product and another to methodically secure required resources and not waste energy and time with the public and politics that comes with it. Tesla is like a young energetic man, gets the job done even if it isn't perfect and can take a...
  13. Introductions

    Wanted to start off by saying thank you for starting up this forum Cosmacelf! Hey guys! My name is Zach, if my username didn't hint at that already :LOL:! Anyway I have always been intrigued with cars ever since I was a kid and loved to build and fix things. My first electric "vehicle" was a...
  14. Forum Suggestions

    Can't wait for the Forum to grow! Cosmacelf, I noticed your Alias shows Reservation Holder. Maybe you could add that in the user profile side and collect the data to see how many pre-orders were placed and on what day to see how many people are switching over to EV's?
  15. Charging specs?

    Found this on RJ Scaringe twitter page:
  16. LA Auto Show

    Thanks! Very interesting information! Where you able to get an inside look of the vehicles? Any information on 3rd row leg room?
  17. Who has reserved and why?

    Reserved it yesterday 12/11/2018! Why? Well for one I need a larger vehicle for my growing family. I also don't want to throw money away on old technology, gas, oil and all the maintenance that comes with an ICE vehicle. I like the Tesla Model X but just want a car with regular doors. I guess...