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  1. Is the CCS charging network good enough?

    Yes, I'm not saying 50kW is acceptable for a Rivian product's highest charging speed, I'm saying it's reasonable as an option for highway charging when you're stopped for a break anyway. Not every charge is 0-100%.
  2. Is the CCS charging network good enough?

    With today's crop of 60-100kWh batteries, 50kW is more than reasonable when stopping for a 60 min meal on a road trip. I don't know how you are comparing that to a 6-9kWh L2 home charger... Remember, 120kW+ superchargers don't maintain that speed for long.
  3. Is the CCS charging network good enough?

    I fully agree (which is why I'm hankering for a Chademo adapter for my Model 3). The one thing that is annoying about the otherwise fantastic Supercharger network, is the 120 vs 72, and the fact that 120 is a shared in pairs. I understand all of the nuance, but to a new user or average person it...
  4. Why no 800V?

    My 2 cents: 800V will be niche for a long time or forever. Electrify Amerca and Tesla's networks will dominate. Porsche has some plans for fast charging, but it's a huge investment in a parallel technology that will be catching up on years of deployments. The 350kW and similar speeds are...
  5. Introductions

    I'm a middle aged married dad from Vancouver, BC. I've always been interested in cars, and ever since seeing some of the first Toyota hybrids in action, I've been interested in the future of vehicles (mainly, electric). I've followed Tesla with interest, and could not justify the expense of a...
  6. Why I like the R1S

    At 400W I wouldn't be able to plug in a vacuum, that would suck, I would hope this changes before production.
  7. Why I like the R1S

    Have they talked about running any accessories off of the R1S or R1T? They could be great camping vehicles if they can run a small fridge for a few days, etc. The more the better! (kWh that is).
  8. Third Rivian vehicle

    I don't, but that was assinine rules put in by a new government that didn't know what they were doing (hence they lost in court), and was about the reabtes, not just the basic ability to sell the car.
  9. Why I like the R1S

    Being 2+ years out from delivery, does anybody think it's possible that they'll squeeze a larger battery pack into the 7 seat model? Like Tesla, they may juggle battery pack sizes around a bit to start, and settle in on 2 pack sizes instead of 3. We are a small family, so I'd go for the larger...
  10. Who has reserved and why?

    Did not reserve since I'm only 6 months into my first Tesla (Model 3). All else being equal (and that's a massive statement), I'd take the R1S over the Model X right now.
  11. Third Rivian vehicle

    My goodness, when will that antiquated system go away? I'm here in Canada and I don't recall any fuss around the dealer system vs. Tesla direct sales. I believe here it is under federal legislation, but there was never an issue as far as I can remember.
  12. Why no 800V?

    12V seems silly, but with EVs, isn't there a significant amount of power controls that are eliminated from the overall system? Plus LED lighting is much less power intensive.
  13. Existing dealerships to be used for service

    I'd love to see the details of that plan. Seems a bit simple on paper but incredibly complex in reality. The dealership model is a complete mess IMO. Tesla's ability to control the end to end of their customer's experience is a huge advantage. I agree about the service centers being the tail of...
  14. Charging specs?

    Digging around on Tesla's site, it seems like 11.5kW is the max for all models now: Wall Connector So I guess they felt the higher rates weren't worth the hassle of different charging systems in different models. Says a lot about the reality of what you need. Elon has stated somewhere that he...
  15. Is the CCS charging network good enough?

    I own a Tesla Model 3, and without any adapter for L3 DCFC, I've also been eyeballing the infrastructure only on occasion. It seems everything near me (West Coast of Canada) is getting both Chademo and CCS now. Only a few older units are Chademo only. I don't think anything is CCS only except at...
  16. Charging specs?

    Do new Teslas with 100kWh packs still use that? I've noticed less and less 11kWh deployments for even brand new L2 charging. They are still stuck at 7.2kWh. Charging at above 11kWh would be nice, but if it's going to be limited to charging at home, it's less important due to the time spent...