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  1. Laurent

    Electrochromatic roof

    According to this video (skip to 9:22), there will be 3 roof options: solid roof, electrochromatic glass, and removable roof.
  2. Laurent

    Why no 800V?

    Does it make sense to buy a 400V Rivian in 2020 if they introduce 800V models two years later? Any chance the early adopters would get some kind of credit towards the upgrade? See Rivian electric pickup, SUV ready for future 800V upgrade—possibly in 2022 Rivian will be ready for it, on a...
  3. Laurent

    Snow tires

    Any idea which snow tires will fit the R1S? The R1S prototype is fitted with Scorpion Verde All Season Plus tires (size: 275/50R22) but I can’t find 22” snow tires from Michelin, Nokian or Blizzak. If you go down to 275/60R20 or even 265/70R18, the only compatible snow tire is the Blizzak...