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  1. Registration Fees for Electric Vehicles...

    I'm not in IL but after reading the proposed taxes in the article below I think I'd be happy to pay a flat rate of $248 each year. I'd imagine all the other fees/taxes per gallon could quickly add up. Senate bill would double Illinois state gas tax
  2. New interview: $89K for 180kWh?

    I spoke with Brian Gase the Chief body engineer at the private viewing in NY and he said that the 180kw battery will intrude into the gear tunnel a couple of inches but you will still have a full gear tunnel that goes all the way through. It's just that the gear tunnel will be a couple of...
  3. Look at what came in the mail today

    A nice surprise came in the mail today. I wonder if everyone who pre-ordered received these? Looking forward to seeing it live in NY on April 12th.