Will Rivian be the anti-Tesla in partnering?


Staff member
Nov 28, 2018
San Diego, CA
One of Rivian’s key launch messages was they are looking to partner with other companies, in particular to license their skateboard platform to other, non competing, vehicle companies like small bus manufacturers. It will be interesting to see how this works in practice since Tesla started off doing the same, but has since turned into the scorpion with a lot of companies it has partnered with.

Let’s see who Tesla has stung so far:

Daimler is famous for injecting $50m of equity into Tesla at a very important time. Elon has repeatedly thanked Daimler for the cash infusion, and while Daimler made a bucket of money when they sold their 10% stake in Tesla, I’m not sure they thought it was worth it in the end as Tesla has been eating Mercedes’ market share.

Tesla partnered with solar inverter manufacturer SolarEdge to integrate with their home battery pack, the Powerwall. That lasted about two years before Tesla started making their own inverters.

Tesla partnered with Mobileye for autonomous driving and very soon after started their own in-house development effort. Tesla did it again, when they chose the Nvidia platform for their in house autopilot, and are now coming out with their own chips.