Standard fuse box


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Nov 28, 2018
San Diego, CA
BTW, while I was at the LA Auto Show, I got to talking to a Rivian wiring engineer. I don't know what specifically he was working on (there are so many sub specialties in a car, "wiring engineer" could refer to a bunch of different things), but I asked him whether Rivian would be using a standard 12V fuse box or whether they would do what Tesla has done with the Model 3 and do away with fuses altogether. It seemed he wasn't aware of what Tesla did with the Model 3 (not many people do, apparently), and so it sounds like they'll have a standard fuse box like almost all other cars.

Tesla did something really quite innovative with the Model 3. Rather than have a centralized fuse box, they have semi-centralized power distribution boards that have mosfet transistors and current monitoring electronics that cut power to whatever if the current spikes above a certain value. It then electronically resets after a while. I haven't quite been able to figure out what the big advantage of this design is, since on the surface it appears more complicated and expensive. It would give the car much more information about faults and remote control over those faults, however.

Here's a good video showing one of the fuseless controller boards on a Model 3.