R1S and R1T very similar front cabin


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Nov 28, 2018
San Diego, CA
So it seems that the R1S and R1T are virtually identical from the B pillar forwards. Also, while it isn't the size of a Suburban, Rivian's designers think they have a lot of storage even with the third row up since they have a very large front trunk (330 liters), and room behind the third row. They could have given the R1S a longer body (the R1T is longer), but they decided that it was as long as they could make it and still make it appealing to the European market.

Maybe there will be a longer body version of the R1S for the American market a few years after introduction. I suspect there would be a market for it, and it wouldn't be that hard to pull off given the R1T is already longer.

Info comes from: Interior Motives - Winter 2018/2019