Is the CCS charging network good enough?


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Since I own a Tesla, I haven't been paying much attention to the CCS charging network for high speed, long distance travel. So I built this overlay image from Plugshare data showing CCS chargers in brown with Tesla Superchargers in red for southern California.


Click on the thumbnail for high res. While I realize CCS stations don't typically (yet) have as many plugs as a Supercharger, they also don't have nearly as many customers as Tesla has. And the CCS network is getting a big boost from Electrify America. At any rate, coverage looks as good as the Tesla Supercharger network. They both have holes in wilderness areas like Anza Borrego (hint, hint, Rivian) and hopefully Rivian will build chargers in these areas like they said they will.
I'm really hopeful they will get charging stations in state parks and such. Currently in Ohio the CCS standard is fairly uncommon and that makes the truck a little more difficult to justify (Though I think Electrify America will change that). I'd really like to know more about what would be involved in sharing tesla's supercharger network and why nobody has taken them up on that.
I own a Tesla Model 3, and without any adapter for L3 DCFC, I've also been eyeballing the infrastructure only on occasion. It seems everything near me (West Coast of Canada) is getting both Chademo and CCS now. Only a few older units are Chademo only. I don't think anything is CCS only except at some car dealerships.