Introduction to Rivian


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Nov 28, 2018
San Diego, CA
Rivian Automotive is the most interesting EV startup you've never heard about. While they've been around since 2009, they only came out of stealth mode in December 2018 showcasing their full sized SUV and pickup truck at the LA Auto Show.

Why are they so interesting?
  • They are the first (and still only) EV manufacturer to design a full sized SUV and Pickup Truck, two very popular vehicle categories
  • Their vehicles have great range, up to over 400 real world miles, befitting their intended uses
  • Their CEO and management team are the real deal
  • They have raised $6B financing to date, with more available, IPO thoughts here
  • They bought a fully functional automobile factory for dirt cheap, $16M, in Bloomington-Normal Illinois
  • They have innovative technology
Before you get too excited, the first vehicles off the assembly line are projected to arrive mid 2021. However, they are accepting $1,000 refundable reservations now. If this sounds like a vehicle you might want, I'd recommend reserving one, as their initial manufacturing capacity is only 20,000 vehicles a year and reservations are exceeding Rivian's best expectations. Reservation discussion here.

Here’s a good overview video that does a walkthrough of both vehicles.

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Sep 3, 2019
Howdy all.... I'm very excited to be a small part of the Rivian Family. We now own a 2015 Fusion Energi and a 2017 Bolt premier. I am ready to make the next Giant step