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  1. Local reporter gets the scoops

    I agree. Lots of good information from WGLT and Denham. Googling with " rivian" finds lots of interesting detail on Rivian.
  2. How much will 180KWh Cost?

    In a few places, it's speculated that it will be $90K, e.g., and EV World Reacts To Rivian's Price Tag, 'Impressive' Specs
  3. Where should Rivian build charging stations?

    These are mine, listed in order of importance to me. Moab, Utah - but I saw that Rivian has mentioned Moab. Escalante, Utah Jacob Lake, Arizona (rather than the North Rim of Grand Canyon) Torrey, Utah Kanab, Utah Grand Junction, Colorado Ouray, Colorado Jackson, Wyoming Stanley, Idaho
  4. Where should Rivian build charging stations?

    I think Tesla is using batteries at their chargers, at least in some instances. This dramatically reduces demand charges.
  5. What Q's do you have about the R1T?

    As far as air tools, RJ Scaringe said it could now power air tools when we talked with him at the LA Show. As far as options, I don't have a list.
  6. What Q's do you have about the R1T?

    I told RJ Scaringe at the LA show that I'd like 1500w, he definitely understood and listened. I don't think this is finalized. It also sounded like they may give buyers quite a few options for modifying the Rivian when the deposit is upgraded to an order in late 2019.
  7. Why I like the R1S

    RJ Scaringe told me at the LA show that both the R1S and R1T would get three outlets, not just the truck. I also think I've read it somewhere, but don't have the reference right now.